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Vendor Affiliates at CAASLAR

Discover the power of collaboration at CAASLAR! Our Vendor Affiliates page showcases partners dedicated to advancing the exchange of ideas and information within the administration and collection of student loans and tuition receivables.

Why Partner with CAASLAR?

Join forces with CAASLAR’s Vendor Affiliates to support our mission. By aligning with professionals in the field, our affiliates contribute to a vibrant community committed to excellence, innovation, and shared knowledge.

Member Support Matters

CAASLAR members, your support strengthens the bond between our community and Vendor Affiliates. Access top-tier products and services while playing a crucial role in fostering collaboration and innovation within student loan administration.

Explore Our Affiliates

From industry leaders to innovators, each affiliate adds unique value. Explore their offerings and enhance your experience in the administration and collection of student loans and tuition receivables.

Become a Vendor Affiliate

Interested in joining the CAASLAR Vendor Affiliates network? We welcome partners who share our commitment to excellence and the exchange of ideas. Shape the future of student loan administration with us.

Thank you for supporting CAASLAR’s mission and contributing to our vibrant community.

Matt Fryc
Regional Director of Business Development

Matt Chinn
Chief Operating Officer

Karen Reddick
Vice President – Business Development

Niel Welborn
Vice President

J.R. Berninzoni
Vice President of Sales

Daphne Ware-Brown
Director of Sales

Andrew Yudin
Vice President of Sales 

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Craig Harris
Vice President of Sales

Benda Holder
Account Executive