Membership information

Institutional Membership

CAASLAR is comprised of many participants from many schools within and surrounding Colorado. Members of CAASLAR can take advantage of this informative network of industry professionals. The CAASLAR Listserv is the easiest and fastest way to learn answers to your questions. Finally, CAASLAR is affiliated with many vendors, industry supporters and resources to help answer questions and bring new perspectives to old problems.

Any accredited institution of higher education is eligible to join. We encourage all institutions in and around Colorado to become members.

There is no limit to the number of administrators and staff from any member institution that may attend CAASLAR events. Our low conference fees are per person and cover registration and materials.

Vendor Affiliate Membership

CAASLAR vendor affiliates support our memberships needs and goals with their services.

CAASLAR provides an important service by offering a great opportunity for networking with other schools and individuals throughout the state who use services like yours on a daily basis.

CAASLAR is a successful organization in part because of support from our  sponsors like you.